26 Oct New Visa for Australia – is the Entrepreneur Visa really going to be introduced this week, 2 months ahead of schedule?!

Vines - smallMany people in the UK, Europe and beyond are looking at relocating to Australia or New Zealand post Brexit. There are exciting new opportunities in both countries and a range of visas availale to suit a variety of circumstances.

An interesting new development in Australia is the introduction of the new Entrepreneur visa subclass – this will allow potential migrants who may not qualify for the skilled migration pathway due to age or not having an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List, to go to Australia to set up a new enterprise with an investment of as little as AUD $200,000.

This new visa subclass is now being introduced on 10th September 2016 (originally Nov 2016) and is open to applicants under the age of 55 who are able to secure at least AUD $200,000 from a range of eligible funding sources.

This is a very welcome addition to the Australian visa offering and a much lower threshold in terms of eligibility for the visa than the other established Business visas that can prove to be fairly difficult to obtain without a significant business background and significant funds to invest.

New Zealand already has a similar Entrepreneur visa programme, which is proving to be very successful in attracting new start ups and smaller enterprise into the country.

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