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If you’re going to lodge a visa application for Australia or the U.K., you should choose Hightrees Law because we are:

  • highly experienced

with 10-plus years in the business

  • actually qualified

Registered migration agents must complete Post-Graduate studies in Immigration Law. Paula McGeown, our founder, has done this and more.

  • consistently successful with visa applications

Hightrees is able to maintain their perfect track record by being upfront and honest about your chances of success, while continuing to assess the viability of your application at each stage and milestone.

  • extremely knowledgeable and reactive

We’re not just talking about the law here. As anyone who has dealt with government bureaucracy knows, people who successfully navigate The System have to be on top of ever-changing policy, unspoken rules, and the personal whims of employees.

(By the way, don’t fear The Man. Most government workers are great people – you just need a representative who is already aware of and can anticipate their quirks.)

  •  highly regulated
  • committed to a strict Code of Conduct
  • insured

(Think about it: this is important for both of us)

  • always up-to-date with important immigration law changes

Thanks to near- monthly Continuing Professional Development trainings

Paula McGeown

Paula is a highly respected immigration lawyer, Australian Registered Migration Agent and Accredited Mediator. In her extensive career, she has also become dual qualified to practice law in Australia and Europe.
She has post-graduate qualifications in IP, Chinese law, EU law and Immigration law. Paula says a great deal of her success comes from staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and traveling the globe at every opportunity.

Els Comeyne
Visa & Immigration Consultant

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Nicole McIntyre
Personal Assistant (France)

Originally from New Zealand, Nicole holds a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and now lives in France so she understands first-hand what it is like to migrate across the world to discover a new country, a new culture and language, and has found it a most rewarding experience.

Away from work, Nicole can often be found exploring the lovely Minervois region of France, known for its quality wine growing and situated close to the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean beaches, with her husband and their two young children.

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